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Improve Work Ability, Strengthen Management and Build A Cooperative Team to Develop Company

On July 1st, Guansheng Company organized a meeting, mainly focusing on the development of the company in the first half of the year, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the current company's survival and development, and making clear instructions on how to improve workshop production and internal management, emphasizing that we should pay enough attention to improve.

At the meeting, Lian Baoxian, general manager, said that the quality of our products has great advantages, which has passed many tests and has been recognized and welcomed at home and abroad. For example, Fickert Abrasive, Frankfurt Abrasive, Grinding Disc, Ceramic Tools, etc. But in the past year or two, we have had more and more competitors, and the sense of crisis and pressure on our sustained development is quite high. What we need to do is to make use of our team’s advantages and solid technical foundation to create products that will satisfy our customers.


The meeting set out the work to be carried out:

First, technical improvement. While maintaining high-quality production, we utilize our practical experience and actively learn from other companies to promote technological, formula, and equipment improvements.

Second, improve the organization and enhance management capabilities. Each management personnel must enhance their own management capabilities to manage subordinates and allocate work reasonably. Employees constantly improve their working methods and take responsibility for their products.
Third, equipment maintenance. Equipment must be used and maintained in accordance with the requirements of procedure documents in the daily production process.

Last, cultivating versatile talents. In order to make our company develop faster and better, the company will provide corresponding training for each employee and also provide external learning opportunities. Such measures are beneficial for the development of both individuals and companies, enabling them to acquire more management skills and work experience.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Lian said that it is difficult for enterprises to survive in the current domestic and international market environment. We must do every job well step by step so that our company can stand firm in the adversity of the environment and develop well and fast.

Post time: Jul-20-2023