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5 Extra, 10 Extra, 15 Extra Frankfurt Abrasive Cassani Abrasive for Marble

Guansheng 5 extra, 10 extra, 15 extra frankfurt abrasive is used for polishing marble and other stones slab on automatic polishing lines.

Origin: Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Payment: TT, Western Union
Order(MOQ): 1
Lead Time: 7-25 days
Customized support: OEM & ODM
Advantage: good sharpness, long lifespan and factory price
Related Name: Oxalic Acid Frankfurt Abrasive

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5 extra, 10 extra, 15 extra frankfurt abrasive is oxalic acid pressed abrasive stone to shine marble and other stones slabs or tiles to get excellent mirror polished surfaces. It’s applicable for various automatic polishing lines and single-head polishing machines. Available in Frankfurt and Cassani shape.

The 5 extra has longer lifespan but less polishing glossy, while 10 extra has more sharpness with higher glossy polishing but lifespan maybe shorter. The 5 extra, 10 extra and 15 extra variants of frankfurt abrasive offer different levels of grinding to suit different stone types and finishing requirements.

They are made of high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear and are able to withstand the demands of continuous use, and also the sharpness can be guaranteed.

Frankfurt Abrasive
Frankfurt Abrasive


1.Good sharpness with long lifespan.

2.Polishing uniformity, strong grinding force, high grinding efficiency and high glossiness.

3.Competitive price and superior quality.

4.Different choices for different hardness stone slab polishing.

5.Supply the whole set of grinding and polishing tools from rough grinding to fine polishing.

6.Support OEM and ODM service. Special specification can be available upon requirement.



Frankfurt abrasive


For marble surfaces grinding and polishing



Special specifications are available upon to customer’s requirement

Why choosing GUANSHENG brand products:

1. Professional technical support and solution;

2. High quality products and reasonable price;

3. Various of products;

4. Support OEM & ODM;

5. Best customers service

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